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Is It Time For Something Different For Your Small Business Marketing?

Take the leap into a new small business marketing strategy and gain new customers.

Trying something new in your small business marketing doesn’t have to feel risky or make you feel like you’re going out on a limb. Pushing your strategy a bit outside your comfort zone can enable you to reach new segments of your market and more effectively engage with customers.

Maybe trying something new has been on your radar. You are like many other small- to medium-size businesses that have ventured into this territory. According to a CallRail survey of 600 U.S.-based marketers, 91% said they have tested new channels or emerging trends in the last 12 months. And 80% said they were experimenting with a new campaign.

The Risk of Being Risk Averse

It’s natural to be wary of change. It’s a self-preservation instinct that most people share, but for marketers, taking the risk of trying something new should not be a deterrent. Take some time to see what other businesses in your market have done with their marketing efforts. It’s possible that failing to try something new could leave you behind the pack. This doesn’t mean you’re copying what other marketers do; you’ll come up with your own strategy that is distinctly yours and make it relevant to your space.

If you’re in a leadership position in your company, are you putting the brakes on trying something new in your small business marketing strategy? Studies show that it is difficult to get buy-in from leadership. Taking the time to discuss this with a marketing team should ease any trepidation about trying new things.

Reaping Rewards

Making an effort on something new might feel risky, but the survey shows that 96% who have tried it say their customer base increased. But what does this risk entail? For most, it’s about trying new channels. For those who do their research, they find new areas where their target audience can be reached and they branch out with content into those areas. Roughly 86% of businesses surveyed who have experimented with this say it is worth it.

Work with a Professional

Not knowing exactly how to rearrange a small business marketing strategy is probably one of the most common reasons that strategies go stagnant. When you partner with a marketing professional, you will get a supply of new and creative ideas to freshen up your strategy and foster new growth. Contact us at SJC Marketing and let’s talk about forging a path to gain new customers.

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