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What You Can Learn About Marketing From…Santa?

Santa is the ultimate example of great marketing. He’s definitely penetrated the market.

When it comes to marketing genius, it’s hard to find a brand quite as effective as Santa Claus.

Think about the kind of market power Santa has:

  • Santa can get kids to behave…or at least think about it.
  • We sing songs about him and put his likeness all over the place every year.
  • Has anyone left cookies out for you lately?

 But Santa didn’t get here by accident. He’s a pretty slick marketer:

He’s Consistent: He shows up on the same night every year, rain or shine, even when he’s busy.

The take-home for you? You’ve got a blog, but you only post a new one when you’ve got something to say or when you aren’t too busy. Your emails are also a bit erratic. Santa would tell you that if you would commit to a schedule, you’ll see much better results.

He’s Good for a Surprise: When’s the last time you gave something surprisingly awesome to your customers?

Your customers like to be surprised now and then. Think about an especially awesome discount for your most loyal customers or a sneak peek at an exciting new product coming soon.

He’s Unique: You never see Santa confused with his competitors, like the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. He knows what makes him special. You should know what makes your business special, too.

Talk to your customers. What do they say about your brand versus what you think they like about your brand? You might think they come back again and again because you have the best product, but your customers might say it’s because Steve behind the counter always seems to know their names and what they like to buy.

He Studies His Market: He sees you when you’re sleeping… Okay, yikes. But you could only hope to know your market so well.

Get to know your market a little better in 2023. From social media insights to Google Analytics, you could learn a lot more about what your customers like to do in their free time, their preferences on social media and the time of day they are most likely to see your posts

Santa is everywhere this time of year, with a brand awareness most of us could only dream of attaining. You could do worse than imitating Santa when it comes to marketing. As you’re planning for 2023, contact us at SJC Marketing and let’s see if we can give ol’ St. Nick a run for his money.


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