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Improving Engagement in Your Social Media Marketing

Focused content that speaks to individuals shows your social media audience that you care.

Connecting with your audience on social media isn’t exactly easy these days. It’s not just your organization trying to reach them, they’re also wading through social media marketing efforts of many, many others. Becoming a beacon in the fog is the goal of most marketers these days, and by following a few guidelines, you can become more visible.

Know Your Audience

Without investing energy in doing research about your target audience, you’re developing a social media marketing strategy that relies heavily on luck. Don’t just fire off a bunch of unfocused material at random groups. Rather, get to know your audience, segment them and then develop content that speaks to specific individuals.

When you know what your audience needs, how they prefer to be marketed to, where they lurk and who they are on a more personal level, you’re going to present them with useful information that will drive them to take action.

Interactive Marketing

Social media marketing should capitalize on the “social” aspect of this channel. Your group of followers or interested consumers can become part of the conversation when you pose questions.

This could be in an Instagram or Twitter post where you present the audience with a captivating visual and ask a question in the caption or tweet. This is your opportunity to gain real-time information on a trending topic, informing your future decisions as a marketer or as a company.

A more engaged audience on your social media platforms results in more likes, shares and the possibility of your efforts in this arena paying off in other ways.

Going Live

Ever considered an “ask me anything” event? This concept blossomed out of Reddit and has proven helpful for many professionals looking to up the engagement in their social media marketing game. To pull it off successfully takes some planning, which means you have to choose a topic and do your research carefully.

While one person generally takes point on these sessions, you can put a team together so you’re answering questions faster and more thoroughly. The success of this event also depends on participation, so if you’ve done your research on your audience, you’ll know what time of day you’ll be able to pull the maximum number of people in.

If you’ve got something that is more visually amenable to a Facebook live session, follow the same guidelines, but pay more attention to the aesthetics of your video, including background and lighting.

Given the rate at which consumers visit social media platforms to become more informed about their purchases, having a stagnant social media presence is going to affect your business growth. At SJC Marketing, our experience assisting organizations in a variety of industries has provided us insights that can vastly improve your outreach.

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