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A Little Monday Morning Coffee Talk About Taking Care Of Yourself

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When you have others who rely on you while you navigate a hectic weekly schedule, it can be difficult to make time for yourself. This month, we encourage you to squeeze some more self-care into your daily routine.

August is National Wellness Month, which encourages folks to focus on their overall well-being and work on healthy habits that they can carry into their daily lives. So how can you put this into practice? We have some pointers for you to get started.

Never Too Late To Hydrate

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but it can make a sizeable difference in your physical and mental health! Not only does it positively affect skin health, but drinking more water drastically improves your brain function throughout the day and gives you more energy for your everyday life.

As far as suggestions on the amount of daily water intake, it can depend heavily on your lifestyle and how much exercise you’re getting. There are numerous calculators online that can help give you an estimate.

Rest Those Peepers

Getting a full night’s rest (7+ hours of sleep for adults, according to the CDC) sets the stage for a productive day. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule helps keep your mind sharp and those pesky stress levels down.

If you can, try going to bed at the same time every night and avoid sleeping in on weekends. That way, you won’t throw off your body’s internal clock and you won’t end up doing so much tossing and turning every night. It’s about keeping your sleep schedule as consistent as possible so your body will have a more set routine.

Relax the Mind With Meditation

It may not seem like your cup of tea, but meditation can be beneficial to the body. It’s shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve focus and emotional health, and so much more.

Find a nice, private space that you feel comfortable in and make sure you dedicate some time each day to meditate. Much like your sleep schedule, you’ll want to keep a consistent routine, so try your best to meditate at the same time each day.

Here’s to National Wellness Month and taking some time to take care of yourself!

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