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4 Ways to Transform Your Instagram Lead Generation to Email Subscriptions

Including a question button on your Instagram Stories is a great way to warm up leads.

Despite its old age, email marketing remains one of the best ways to engage your audiences. When it’s paired with social media platforms like Instagram, it’s an even better tool for lead generation. For many companies, taking the leap to transition Instagram followers to email subscribers can seem formidable.

How can you get casual followers to make the transition to receiving regular emails? In short, you need to prove the value of connecting with your brand. Here are four ways to improve lead generation with Instagram:

Simply Ask: Turn warm followers who are already mildly interested into loyal subscribers by just inviting them to swipe up and provide their email address. If a follower is enjoying your Instagram content, they have every reason to believe they’ll enjoy your email content, too.

Use the Questions Sticker: On your Instagram Stories post, you can include a button that invites followers to ask questions about your brand or your products. It’s a way to invite conversation and collect a little info, including inviting them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Make sure you communicate the value that’s offered in your emails, from promotions and inside information to how-to’s.

Invite Followers to Spread the Word: Use a call to action (CTA) to clearly ask your current customers to use their purchase to tell others how awesome you are. Invite them to share a picture on Instagram showcasing their latest purchase from you, and make sure they tag your account.

You can also throw in an incentive, such as a drawing for a gift card or special discount when followers shout out to your brand.

Don’t Forget Video: If you haven’t tried IGTV, it’s a video option within Instagram that allows you to imbed a link right in the video. Try recording a video that includes a CTA to click on the link that invites viewers to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Contact us at SJC Marketing to get more tips for making the most of your Instagram lead generation. Whether you need help launching a profile or just want some advice for better engagement, we can help.

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