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The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Marketing Strategy

Consumers drop millions of dollars shopping on their phones. Your marketing strategy must take that into consideration.

Almost 80% of smartphone users have made an online purchase from their phone. During the holidays when gift buying is at its peak, nearly 40% of all eCommerce purchases are made via the smartphone. These are strong stats from which to realize how important optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile truly is. (Download our website checklist to learn more about this and other important questions you need to be asking)

It’s also important to remember that even if a consumer doesn’t make a purchase from their smartphone, there is a high probability that they researched products on it, which is another reason to make sure you’re getting it right on your mobile outreach.

Why optimize? Think about your own responses to opening a clunky site; you quickly jump off of it and continue your search elsewhere. Your desktop campaign can’t be transferred to mobile – it must be augmented because it’s an entirely different platform.

Here are some key tips on optimizing your mobile platform:

  • Optimize your assets so that even with a lower bandwidth device, your information loads quickly.
  • Focus on visuals rather than text. While text is still important, the visual elements need to provide a good user experience.
  • If you’re going to engage and convert, you have to make your content responsive, which you can do by creating a point of access that is completely mobile-responsive.
  • Simple is optimal, particularly in mobile marketing. You can make your mobile site easy to interact with, but that can be a challenge with a smaller screen. Utilize one-click checkout. Also, instead of having the user click on items, integrate scrolling and swiping, as this is easier to interact with.
  • Again, the screen size of a smartphone needs to be kept in mind as you optimize your content, such as images, call-to-action and text elements, so it’s easier for the user to see on the smaller screen.
  • Offer a chat option for better communication efforts. A marketing strategy implementing a one-to-one communication tool can provide excellent results.
  • Keep the important information toward the top of your page. Compelling content at the top will entice the user to scroll down for more, but you could lose them if you bury your important bits of information.

At SJC Marketing, our goal is to make sure our clients are prepared for anything, and that includes optimizing for mobile. Contact us and tell us about your marketing strategy needs – we’ve got solutions that will be a perfect fit.

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