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How to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing

Does your social media marketing need a little extra personality? Try emojis for emphasis.

You love a good text peppered with emojis, and there are certain ones that you almost can’t communicate without (eye-rolling emoji, anyone?). If your social media marketing could use a little more personality, inserting a few emojis can give your messaging some emphasis.

Just be careful. Those little yellow faces have the power to make your brand more relatable, or if you’re not thinking it through, ensure your post is peppered with angry faces and complaints.

Here’s what you need to know about using emojis in your social posts:

Know Your Emojis. This is simple. If you aren’t 100% sure what an emoji means, it’s better left off your post. For instance, that “keepin’ it 100” is one of those emojis that gets misapplied often, because it requires a tiny bit of context to understand.

Emojis Are a Condiment, Not the Main Course. You may be tempted to construct a sort of rebus to entertain your followers, but this is how the elementary school crowd communicates. You’re going for a more sophisticated approach, where the emoji you choose drives home the point you’re making. Use an emoji to emphasize a point, rather than relying on it as your foundation of your message.

Consider Emoji Confusion. Social media marketing is tricky, because it’s hard to anticipate the different ways a message might be received. Take a minute to test your emoji messaging with a few colleagues to be sure you’re not about to offend your audience. Even an obvious, well-understood emoji can go wrong. If you doubt this, think about how many times you’ve seen an older person misuse the poop emoji because they didn’t consider anyone would actually make that emoji.

Be Consistent. This is true of any social media marketing technique, because it is critical that your emojis, along with everything else you do, are consistent with your brand message. If you’re a funny brand, be funny with your emojis. If sincerity and trustworthiness are part of your brand message, maybe don’t use that devil emoji.

Maybe choosing the right emoji is the least of your concerns, and you’re still trying to decide which social media marketing platform is best for your business. Never fear; SJC Marketing offers a full range of services, from comprehensive social media management to simple guidance to get you started on the right path.


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