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How Does Facebook Fit Into Your B2B Marketing?

Is B2B marketing success on Facebook possible?

You want to focus your marketing strategy on platforms that will work toward your goals. Most B2B marketing professionals agree that social media has value, but is focusing on Facebook worth your time and energy?

Facebook is valued at almost $280 billion and the bulk of that money comes from ads. The reason so many people buy ads or pay to boost posts is because organic reach is estimated at only 5%, which is low. So, budgets for B2B marketing must include resources for increasing engagement if you are trying to boost your reach on Facebook.

Is Facebook Worth It?

Before you go any further, ask yourself where your target audience lurks, because if they don’t engage in interests related to your industry on Facebook, you need to focus on the platforms where they do. Globally, 2.79 billion people have Facebook accounts, so there’s a good chance your audience checks with their Facebook frequently. But there is also a chance that your audience gets more out of LinkedIn when it comes to making purchases. Researching your target audience’s social media preferences will pay off.

Put In the Hours

If you’ve dabbled in promoting your brand and haven’t had much success, you have to remember that you likely won’t see the results you are looking for if you don’t put in the time to consistently post and engage with your audience. Putting in the hours means drilling down on the data to create the right message, and then continuously monitor how the content plays out with the audience – what works and what doesn’t work in terms of engagement and reach – and make changes as needed. It means posting consistently and engaging with your audience as they engage with your brand.

Developing a Strategy

When developing your strategy for Facebook, experiment with focusing on the things that lead up to a sale. For example, rather than jumping straight to your product or service, post content that helps you become recognized as an expert in your industry.

Part of the reason people become loyal to a brand is that they feel a personal connection, and it is difficult to establish that connection if posts are only sales focused. Instead, post about your podcast or blog or newsletter – or just post about interesting topics related to your industry. Start a conversation with your followers and establish your brand as a thought leader.

At SJC Marketing, we help clients with social media strategies that help them reach their business goals. Let’s talk about how we’ll build a solid B2B marketing strategy for you.

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