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Let’s Talk About Instagram While You Enjoy Your Monday Morning Coffee

SJC Marketing shares one of their favorite places to grab a delicious drink on date night.

It’s not just “the kids” who are on Instagram in 2021; it’s everyone. In fact, according to Statista, half of the users actively on the platform are between the ages of 25 and 44.

So, with this expanded reach and the use of Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities, there are more opportunities than ever for brands to succeed on Instagram. So while you are enjoying your coffee, check out some tips our team has for getting started with Instagram for your business.

Hashtags Are Still in, Tell a Friend

Hashtags are nothing new to the common user, but they still offer opportunities for growth. Posts with hashtags gain more engagement than those without, so hashtag research is well worth the time to delve into. Not only will they increase engagement, but hashtags also boost overall reach and searchability.

Stories Time

The Stories feature has made its way onto nearly every popular social media app ever since Snapchat burst onto the scene in 2011. Brands are having wonderful ROI success with Instagram Stories ads, as users now prefer ads to be served to them so they can purchase straight from the ad itself.

This feature has high potential for e-commerce companies looking to get their products in front of this demographic.

We’re on Live

Any chance you have to be authentic with your social media audience, you probably should take it. A great way to show authenticity and build your audience is by going live on Instagram. It can be a chance to showcase a new product or to capture an event, but live video has become a staple on social media.

It’s pretty early for all this social media talk, we get it. Let us take some of the stress off your shoulders and let’s talk about a strategy to push your brand to the next level.


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