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Establishing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing content needs to meet your audience on the platforms they spend their time on.

Some marketing fads tend to trend for a while and then die off, while others prove to be of value and become a part of digital marketing best practices. Keeping an eye on what brings value and what doesn’t work anymore is part of planning your strategy for boosting brand awareness. This also involves vetting the myths that you hear so often about digital marketing.

For example, how many times have you heard that “SEO is dead”? Maybe the people saying this are failing to produce content that their target audience values, but this is definitely a myth. SEO helps to optimize your website, boost the organic reach and assist in getting more eyes on your brand and more leads in the buy cycle.

Let’s take a look at some other popular myths.

Strategy Is Overrated

Digital marketing focuses on online channels for engaging the target audience with your brand. But simply copying what others have done with their online outreach will not work, because the strategy that worked for another brand involved research on everything from analyzing company culture to identifying characteristics of the target audience specific to them.

Every strategy will differ per brand. And, as you evolve as a brand, your digital marketing strategy needs to be analyzed and amended as needed.

My Business Is Too Small for Digital Marketing to Work

Small businesses often struggle with a marketing budget, which is one reason digital marketing is truly a perfect solution; you can develop an effective digital marketing strategy without spending a lot of money.

Digital marketing is also a way to get your personality out front, which is an area where big brands can sometimes run into challenges. As a small business you have more of a say in what you can put out there to consumers. The more personal you get, the more loyalty you’ll feel from your target audience, and digital marketing is the way to do that.

Digital Marketing Only Works if You’re Active On ALL Platforms

There is something to be said for a marketing campaign that utilizes a multichannel approach, but does that mean you have to be active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and every other social media site? The answer is no.

Why waste energy and resources on building content for a site your target audience doesn’t frequent? Only focus on areas where your audience is active. This allows you to spend more time tailoring content that will be valuable and for monitoring the progress of your campaign. Then you can utilize the data you find to make changes for improvement.

At SJC Marketing, we assist clients across many industries with building digital marketing strategies that are customized for their unique needs. Let’s talk about our approach and how it will help you reach your marketing goals.

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