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Have You Implemented User-generated Content Into Your Marketing Strategy?

User-generated content is the great humanizer. Find out how to implement it in your strategy.

You’ve likely heard some buzz about user-generated content but maybe you haven’t really figured out the best way to utilize it for your brand. Here are three tips to take your user-generated content to the next level, as well as a couple of examples of brands that are exceptionally great at user-generated content:

Think Beyond Customers: Don’t confuse user-generated content with more narrow, customer-generated content. Think beyond that to a larger audience who are loyal to your brand:

  • Brand advocates are friends in the industry that are willing to be public fans of your brand. Think of companies you’ve partnered with, suppliers and those you networked with at your last live event. Invite them to jump in on the fun.
  • Employees are also effective sources for user-generated content. There’s something valuable communicated when employees signal that they don’t just work there, they’re also fans.

Think About Broadening Your Audiences: You’d think an underwear campaign could be a dangerous place for user-generated content. But Calvin Klein had bigger plans than the typical focus of an undergarment campaign. Consumers have signaled that they are done with brands that only sell to an ideal, and Calvin Klein is celebrating that by inviting everyone to share images of their undies.

Is there a way to democratize your brand further? Maybe you have segments of your audience where there is room for growth and a simple user-generated content contest could ignite a new interest in your product from otherwise-untapped audiences.

Don’t Focus Specifically on Your Product: A lot of user-generated content is designed to show a product being actively used, but there’s a more subtle strategy that could serve you well. Brands like Buffer choose this approach, encouraging users to share lifestyle images without instructing that they include any specific item or activity.

User-generated content is a great way to humanize your brand, introduce new levels of authenticity into your marketing strategy and help your audience feel like they are involved in your strategy, rather than just watching it. Contact us at SJC Marketing for more about how to infuse your user-generated content with some new excitement.

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