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These 4 Stats Could Mean a Change For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should be tied closely to your SEO strategy for maximum effectiveness.

It’s easy to start out with a solid strategy for your content marketing, only to find other business concerns slowly shifting your attention away from it. But your content marketing strategy isn’t a one-and-done solution. If you aren’t taking the time to see what’s working and what’s not and making adjustments accordingly, you may be missing the mark with consumers.

So, maybe it’s time to take a look at what consumers are looking for and update your strategy. These four stats reflect the current state of content marketing and are key for reaching consumers now:

Video is number one. Across all content marketing strategies, video is the number one preferred method for consumers. In 2020 alone, consumers watched 12.2 billion minutes of video. Don’t breeze by that number, because it’s also 23,211 years.

How You Can Use It: The possibilities are endless for videos that share more about your brand. You’ll get great engagement when you get creative:

  • Try a funny spin on hack videos, using your product to solve ridiculous problems.
  • Have a naming contest for your new product and have people record their suggestions for great user-generated content.
  • Use one of the easy, old stand-by formats and give a behind-the-scenes tour, a how-to or a product unboxing.

SEO is your most effective method. In The State of Content Marketing 2020 Global Report, 75% of marketers identified search engine optimization (SEO) as their best marketing tool. It drives organic traffic to your website.

How You Can Use It: Tying in with your newly-established goal to create some videos for your content marketing strategy, SEO best practices say you should include keywords, a transcript of your video and update videos frequently to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines.

96% of marketers used LinkedIn in the past year. For B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the most popular platform, with 80% using paid marketing on the site.

How You Can Use It: LinkedIn is a great platform for joining groups in your industry to network with influencers, you can produce articles to post that showcase your expertise and you can send direct messages to connect with potential leads.

Nearly Half (47%) of Buyers Consume 3-5 Pieces of Content Before Reaching Out. This elevates the importance of your content and if done well, makes the job of your sales team much easier.

How You Can Use It: Develop content for every stage of the buyer’s journey that builds trust and your reputation for being an expert in your industry. Make sure every piece adds value for the audience, and minimize any mentions of your product or company. It’s about the lead, not about you.

Does your content marketing strategy need to be updated? Our team is ready to put together a strategy to help you reach consumers in 2021.

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