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Get Your SEO Up to Speed

From speedy loading to keywords and H1 tags, success in SEO depends on attention to detail.

Few things are more frustrating than putting a lot of energy into a project and seeing no return on your investment. Time and again, company websites fail to get the hits you were sure would come shortly after launching.

The blame can be assigned to an assortment of issues, including your approach to SEO.

A Need for Speed

If your webpage is slow to load, you’re going to lose people. Consumers today don’t have patience for a slow loading webpage and will gladly click off yours if it isn’t loading within three seconds of being clicked.

If you’re dealing with some issues in regard to speed, take a close look at your WordPress theme, because this might be where the problem lies. It might be time to utilize a different WordPress theme.

Another place to look is at your image and media file sizes. If you’ve stocked your site full of high resolution images or videos, there is a good chance it’s going to bog down. To be sure this isn’t the case with yours, try out Google’s PageSpeed Insights test, which you can find here.

SEO Best Practices

Nobody wants to land on a 404 page, but when it happens on your site, it is a chance to show some personality. Let’s say the user typed in a wrong URL and lands on your 404 page. Instead of encountering boring text that tells them something has gone wrong, use humor in your messaging and let them know what they need to do next. You’re basically pointing them in the right direction.

You also want to make things are as easy as possible for Google, which means you shouldn’t cram too many services/products on one page. When you keep it lean, Google will better understand what each page is about, which can improve your SEO.

And by all means, don’t forget the importance of your H1 tags. Search engine crawlers use your H1 tags to better understand your site. You should include your top keyword in your H1 and put it above the fold. The rule of thumb is that if a visitor can land on your page and know exactly what it is that you are about within a few seconds, your H1 tag is looking good.

Need more tips on improving your SEO? We have years of experience helping our clients get better results.

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