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3 Common Mistakes Derailing Your SEO

Keywords are a great way to improve SEO, but they can have the opposite effect if used improperly.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing as it constantly changes and evolves. Every time you think you’ve got a grip on the factors that help you achieve good search engine rankings, the algorithms change, and that slippery Google has gotten away from you again.

Though you may need to review calculus to figure out some aspects of SEO, there are a few common problems that, when solved, can result in a big improvement to your strategy. Here are three of the most common mistakes that may cause your SEO to perform poorly:

You’re a Little Keyword Crazy: You’ve printed a list of the keywords associated with your product and industry and started working on inserting them in your content.  You’ve got primary, secondary, even tertiary keywords, all inserted frequently into your blogs and social media posts.

Solution: You need a little more information. You want to know which keywords are popular, but also which are not being used too much by everyone else. And are you using long-tail keywords, or should yours be shorter? Long-tail keywords will attract fewer people, but they’ll likely be more closely aligned with your target audience. Also, more is not better. You need to be strategic about your use of keywords without overdoing it.

Your Meta is Missing: Your meta description is a short mini summary of your content. It’s what gets listed immediately after your website address to tell what your site is about. It also plays an important role as web crawlers come across your site, with your meta telling those crawlers exactly what visitors can expect from your page.

You Have 404s Aplenty: A 404 should be a rare thing on an active site, and search engines know this. That’s why, if you have 404 errors frequently occurring, it’s going to make those search engines lower your rank. Clean up your errors and you’ll seen an improvement on your search engine ranks.

Not all of the factors affecting SEO are this easy to identify. If you’re wanting to improve your rankings with a better keyword strategy, some new content or a better website design, our team at SJC Marketing is ready to get started.

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