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Email Marketing That Works: Get to Know your Audience

Create better relationships with customers with informative, educational email marketing.

Quality over quantity: it matters in so many things in life, and for marketing purposes too. Think about email marketing efforts where the blast tactic of sending out email after email falls flat because the quality of the email is poor. The more you know about your target audience, the higher quality your content will be, giving your efforts a better chance of landing with your audience.

Think about the sheer volume of emails you receive in a day. You probably delete many of them without a thought – you spot what you perceive to be spam and immediately trash it.

But you don’t want to fall victim to the trash folder. By being more intentional about your email marketing strategy, you can see better engagement from your audience. Here are some important things to remember:

Don’t Offer a Sales Pitch
Consumers are no longer willing to waste their time with lazy advertising. They won’t fall for a sales tactic, but what they do want is to be educated, so rather than try to make a sale in your email campaign, give your target audience a solution to a problem.

Instead of solely pushing your product, offer topical information that leads your target audience to develop trust in you as a thought leader. Sales pitches will simply boost your unsubscribe rate, so learn about what concerns or interests your audience and develop content around those topics.

Communicate Clearly
Your audience wants to get information from you in an easy-to-digest way, so your content has to be structured in a casual but authoritative tone. Avoid mechanical writing that makes you sound stiff and earnest. Instead, create content that will inform and perhaps even entertain.

Segment Your Audience
The more specific your content is, the more powerful its effect on your audience. Instead of blasting out content for the masses, segment your audience and target them with specific information that speaks to their needs. The extra work is worth the effort.

At SJC Marketing, we pride ourselves on our ability to truly get to know our clients, and more importantly, the target audiences of those clients. We can help you craft a more effective email campaign, so contact us to partner on your next email marketing campaign.

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