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Drone Videography: Why Are So Many Companies Using It?

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If you’ve shopped real estate lately you’ve seen plenty of footage from a drone. Roughly 80% of agents use drones to showcase their properties, but you don’t have to be in real estate to benefit from drone videography.

Hotels and resorts, gym and fitness centers, restaurants, entertainment and media – businesses of all types and sizes are using drone videography for a variety of reasons, but marketing is certainly at the top of the list.

Benefits of Drone Use

Drones can capture images that in years past could only be achieved by helicopters and elaborate crane systems. The expense of helicopters and cranes made acquiring these shots impossible for organizations without large budgets. But today, entry-level drones are equipped with HD cameras and can capture high-quality footage, making this a possibility for those even with modest budgets.

Drones are extremely versatile, which means you are only limited by your imagination and can capture a variety of angles and shots. From low-altitude footage to aerial shots high above your location, the perspectives you can implement in your content are practically limitless. The only caveat is that it does take some skill to pilot effectively, particularly for complex plans.

Drone Use Methods

Event planners love drone videography for its ability to provide a more inclusive effect for weddings, concerts or even sporting events or graduations. The footage provides an all-encompassing view that would otherwise be unattainable. Companies can use them to capture the same perspective for their digital marketing efforts.

The use of images has long been a standard in digital content because of its ability to demand more engagement from the target audience. Video in digital marketing is even more engaging and generates around 1,200% more social media shares than text and image content combined.

Given the popularity of video and now the cost-effectiveness and availability of drone videography, it’s no surprise that so many organizations are making drones a vital component of their digital content strategies.

Looking for a way to include drone videography in your content? Contact us at SJC Marketing. We’ve assisted many clients with capturing drone footage for their digital marketing efforts. If you need guidance in building a more effective marketing strategy, partner with us and we can assist you.

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