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Content Marketing Trends Shaping Up for 2020

A continuing trend in content marketing is the importance of targeted content that adds value for the audience.

Before the last summer barbeque is enjoyed, before the back-to-school ads are done, it’s already time to begin thinking about next year’s content marketing. There are emerging trends that are important to take into consideration as you budget and plan for 2020.

Content marketing has, for a long time, been foundational for marketing success. We have a white paper that goes into how critical content marketing is for consumers; take some time to download it today! The importance of content marketing won’t change in 2020, but it may look a little different. Visual content continues to be a driving format for reaching audiences over text-only pieces, but there are more nuanced trends that you should be thinking about in your plans for content marketing in 2020:

Add Value With Targeted Content: When you create content, it should serve a specific purpose: adding value for your target audience. Whether it’s discussing a controversial issue affecting the industry, providing a solution to a common problem or discussing frequently-asked questions, it should build your reputation as a source for valuable information.

You can target your content in terms of timing and your buy cycle, as well. Certain topics may be more appropriate for a contact that’s newly acquainted with your brand, while other pieces may be a perfect fit for a lead that’s about to make a final decision. Think about how you distribute and create content in these terms.

Are you still talking? Brevity is a thing of beauty, particularly when it comes to content marketing. Text-based content still has a role to play, but audiences are increasingly choosy about what they click on and how long they stay. You’ll need to pack as much punch as you can into your content in a short time, and don’t ever use your time for self-promotion. You’ll lose your audience.

Get interactive: Audiences are not as interested in being a passive observer while you present information, but instead would like to participate in the content. From quizzes to surveys and games, find ways to get your audiences to jump in on the fun.

Go live: Your audience wants to see video, and they don’t want it to be a scripted, rehearsed and edited production. They want the authenticity and personal connection that comes with a live video. As you plan for 2020, be sure to include some plans for live video in your content marketing.

Content marketing is always changing, and it can be challenging to plan for the following year. SJC Marketing is here to help you sort lasting trends from flash-in-the-pan fads. Contact us to get started on your marketing plan for 2020.

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