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Be an Influencer With LinkedIn Marketing

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Taking a multi-channel approach to distributing content that engages your target audience is always a smart strategy, but for B2B engagement, LinkedIn marketing content needs to be a major focus in your multi-channel mix.

According to a study by Oktopost, 80% of B2B social media leads come from efforts put into LinkedIn marketing strategies. If you’re like many companies that solely use LinkedIn as a tool for recruitment, it’s time to utilize the platform for more and start generating leads via this platform.

Be Influential

Did you know that 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million work in decision-making roles? Content geared toward these users can substantially increase your engagement with people who make purchases on behalf of their companies.

LinkedIn recently began allowing advertisers to promote posts from creators, which officially makes the site a platform for influencer marketing. Perhaps the company is taking a lead from TikTok and Instagram, which are massive, influencer-rich sites where creators can help brands promote anything. But according to the linked article, “Thought Leader” ads were the product of LinkedIn employees seeing users taking screenshots of other users’ content and promoting it.

“Humanizing your brand is critical for B2B  and has been underused in that space,” said Abhishek Shrivastava, a VP in product management at LinkedIn.

Create Content That Engages

For organizations that don’t want to pay the fees associated with advertising on the site, using organic content in your LinkedIn marketing campaign can help you make headway, but the content has to be high quality.

So, what is high-quality content? For most users, it is content that motivates them to share it with others. The medium can be a case study, a blog post or a video, but the topics that get the most engagement are ones that entertain, educate and inspire other users.

If you know your audience, you understand their needs and you can create content that speaks directly to the people you’re trying to make an impression upon.

Getting LinkedIn marketing right isn’t easy. Many organizations see better results by outsourcing to professionals. At SJC Marketing, we help companies in many industries make better use of their LinkedIn accounts by creating content that hits home with the target audience. Contact us and let’s discuss the many ways in which we can enhance your marketing efforts.

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