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Website Design and Your Visitors: Create a Site With Customers in Mind

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Your website is one of more than a billion in existence and, on average, one new site is launched every second of every day. What are you going to do to make yours competitive?

Nearly 30% of business today is being conducted online, pointing to the preference of consumers to make their business transactions easy and convenient. This explains why close to 75% of businesses have a website.

A good website will do more than simply exist. Providing consumers with content that educates them and methods through which they can make purchases is key in website design.

High-Functioning Websites

There are general rules all web designers, regardless of what industry they’re working for, will follow. Most of these relate to flow and how users can more easily navigate sites, and there are some key advantages to putting this level of consideration into your design:

  • Visibility
    Get your brand in front of more people. Reach users with content that provides insight into the problems they are trying to remedy.
  • Marketing
    Your website should be part of your overall marketing strategy, as it is a powerful tool that has multiple options for promoting your brand.
  • Trust
    A quality website lends credibility to a brand, which helps establish trust. It can also make the first impression on what will become a new, loyal customer.
  • Analytics
    Receive valuable insights into the analytics of how users behave on your site and make informed decisions about future website design enhancements or content.
  • Engagement and Support
    Your website is the place where your audience goes to learn everything they need to know about your products and services. It can also be a place for your team to engage with customers, personalizing your communication with answers to their questions.

The list goes on, but one thing is certain – the more thought you put into your website design, the bigger the return on your investment in it.

Websites are always evolving, as consumer preferences often change. Design elements that were hot last year might now seem dated. Furthermore, companies evolve, which necessitates change on the website. Whether you’re looking to build a new site or simply tweak your current site, bring in a professional who has experience and is up to date on design elements that will impress your visitors.

At SJC Marketing, we know the importance of proper web design. Contact us and let’s discuss the measures we’ll take to get your website running smoothly and impressing visitors.

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