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Monday Morning Coffee With Sakura Japanese Cuisine and Sushi

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For this week’s edition of Monday Morning Coffee, let’s visit one of the most fun and unique eating spots in the city of St. Joseph. Located at 2209 North Belt Highway, Sakura Japanese Cuisine and Sushi offers its customers an authentic, exciting, and memorable eating experience. If you’ve never heard of Japanese hibachi, then you’re in for a huge treat.

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The term hibachi stems from a rich history of Japanese culture. It comes from the term, “teppanyaki” which means “grilling over a metal plate” in Japanese. In the mid-1900s, the first hibachi-style restaurant opened and was a large success. At these restaurants, guests sit around a large, hot grill, while their chef prepares their food in front of them, creating an intimate feel. Hibachi dining is a fantastic way to socialize, expose yourself to other cultures, enjoy some entertainment and devour some delicious food.

Hibachi chefs are entertainers just as much as they are chefs. Displaying skillful tricks involving utensils, eggs, oils, and even tossing bites to catch in your mouth, a hibachi experience is never dull. These chefs are extremely experienced and well-trained and know how to make some fantastic Japanese dishes. Your whole table will be joking, laughing and enjoying their food, sometimes mesmerized by the flaming grill and tricks being performed in front of them.

Not only does the experience make Sakura a great option, but the food does as well. Offering noodles, chicken, pork, steak, fish, shrimp, vegetables, fried rice, sushi and more, the food at Sakura is extremely well-prepared, seasoned and extremely tasty. The hibachi experience makes the food taste even better.

A plate of fried rice with a bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce and a hibachi grill in the background.

With authentic Japanese décor, skilled chefs, an extensive and delicious menu, large hot grills, laughs, fun and a friendly and attentive staff, a trip to Sakura is an absolute must. Sakura is the perfect spot for a date night, hangout with friends or a family feast. Make your way over to Sakura to enjoy a dining experience and sensory journey unlike any other in town.

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