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Are You Lagging Behind With Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an ever-changing format. Make sure you are using the current best practices.

Marketing trends move fast and change quickly, and if you’re finding yourself needing to stop and catch your breath, you can do so while getting some fresh perspective on your video marketing campaign. Sure, you’ve got a stitch in your side and you’ve discovered a new pain where you didn’t even know you had a muscle. But you’re on the move!

You don’t want to wear yourself out chasing trends that are more like fads, but you should try to keep pace with the kinds of trends that make sense for your business. Here are a few thoughts that can help you keep perspective when you’re getting winded and want to quit:

Scrolling Counts: You might think of hanging out on social media platforms as a time-wasting activity, but when you’re involved in video marketing, it’s a critical information-gathering session. Make note of what you see competitors doing with their video content and what’s trending in general. Pay attention to the kinds of elements that start conversations and those that seem to fall flat.

Late is Better than Never: When it comes to video, it’s easy to take a look around social media and feel like you are the straggler in the race. Everyone else is a jackrabbit and you’re struggling to get your shoes tied. Don’t worry; with the right kind of video, you’ll have no problem jumping in.

Consistency is at Least Half the Battle: You can spend a lot of time worrying about how to get your video seen and when is the best time to post and whether you’ve got the right keywords and on and on… Whatever you decide, try to be consistent. Algorithms on social media favor consistency and you’ll also prove to your audience that they can count on you to produce content on a regular schedule.

Get on a Roll: Along with consistency, you should work to build a library of content. When your followers click on your profile, they should see evidence that you’re a solid content creator with a lot to offer. And once you’ve started to see what tends to catch on with viewers, you can begin to get a feel for your go-to video style. Then you can try reformatting it for other platforms. If it has a solid response on TikTok, repurpose it on YouTube Shorts or IG Reels.

You Can’t Go Viral if You Aren’t Creating: A lot of brands get hung up on the desire to make a video that will go viral. It is almost impossible to determine what videos will go viral, so don’t worry about waiting until you have something really exceptional to get started with video. After all, you’re much more likely to go viral if you have a video out there.

Grab a Buddy: Sometimes getting started with video simply requires working with a business partner that knows a little bit about it. Hey, look…that’s us! Contact us at SJC Marketing to find out what we can do to help you get started with video marketing.

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