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6 Stats You Need Before You Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is seeing a lot of short-form video, but there are places to use longer video.

Video marketing has become so integrated with the online experience that when you are planning your strategy, you may not know where to start.

For instance, TikTok has pushed so many videos to short formats that you may be wondering if that’s the only route to go. And you may have heard that captions are important, but you aren’t sure why. To get these answers and more, take a look at six statistics you’ll want to consult before finalizing your video marketing strategy for the year:

When Compared With Other Content, Videos are Twice as Likely to Be Shared. Your audience is 52% more likely to share a video than they would a blog, infographic or any other kind of material.

Captions Aren’t Just for the Hearing Impaired. 80% of those that utilize captions aren’t hearing-impaired. It’s true that you should caption your videos to make them accessible to everyone, but it’s also a convenience for those that use captions because they prefer to keep the sound off on their device. They also improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Optimization is More Important Than Ever. When it comes to short-form video, 75% of people aren’t waiting for a bigger screen. They are watching it on a phone, which means you should make sure your video is optimized for mobile.

There’s Plenty of Room for Long-Form Video. Short-form video has been all the rage in recent months, but longer videos have an important role to play. From diving into a complex subject to offering an instructional course, long-form video can be a great way to offer value to your audience. There’s a side benefit: if someone hangs with you for a full 60 minutes, you can bet that’s a qualified lead.

Your Product Demos Aren’t Just for Existing Customers. When you’re considering doing a product demo, you might think it’s mostly for those that have bought a product, to learn how to use little-known functions. But a product demo is helpful to those considering a purchase. 69% of buyers say that the product demo is most useful when they are about to make a purchase.

Video Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be All You. Invite your audience to be a part of your video marketing strategy. 58% of consumers find user-generated content (UCG) to be more authentic when compared with edited video. Invite your followers to send in videos that celebrate an event or a brand value or simply show them interacting with your product.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with your video marketing strategy, turn to the visual content experts at SJC Marketing. We can help you determine the right length, format and topics for your first videos and weave them into a strategic approach with your overall marketing plan.

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