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Is it Time for a Rebrand? Let’s Talk

A rebrand often occurs because of a change in vision, product line or ownership.

It can be fun to think about a rebrand: fresh colors, a new logo and a lot of excitement around sharing the news.

Jumping into a rebrand process without fully thinking through it is a lot like having a wedding because you want a wedding, but you didn’t realize you were also getting a marriage.

In other words, you want to structure a rebrand you can live with for a long time. How do you do that?

Have a (Very) Good Reason. A rebrand is often the result of a major change. Maybe you acquired another business and your name no longer captures the full scope of your company. You might be considering a change because your product line has changed so significantly that it’s truly a different brand than it used to be. Or you may have made a big decision about your vision, the future of your product line or which market you are targeting.

In some situations, a rebrand makes sense because your look or your color scheme is dated or your name has become associated with a current event or celebrity that isn’t a benefit to your brand. (The instantly classic example might be the brand Corona in 2020…ouch.)

Create a Strategy. Before you begin, know where you are headed. Think through all the touchpoints that your brand has with employees, customers and the public. You’ll change your colors, logo and maybe even your name, so you need to have a plan that includes many facets:

  • How will you get buy-in across your company? Even if you are a small business, one reluctant employee can make the transition harder.
  • How will you communicate changes and anticipate concerns and challenges?
  • How will you roll out your changes? You may decide to do a staggered rollout or you may decide to plan carefully for one big transition.

Get the Right Help. A rebrand isn’t something most companies try to tackle on their own because it involves a lot of varied expertise, from a copywriter that specializes in coming up with a catchy tagline and the right messages around your brand to a graphic designer that will create a set of logos for you to consider. Your marketing team will have thoughts about how colors communicate and how they should be used on your new website.

A rebrand is a big undertaking, but when you work with SJC Marketing, you’ll know where you’re headed and how you’ll get there. Contact us to discuss your ideas for a rebrand and we’ll help you bring it to fruition.

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