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6 Best Practices When Creating Videos for Facebook

When creating videos for Facebook, be sure to include captioning for those that watch without sound.

A recent survey of 29 marketers about what works best for Facebook ads reveals what you already suspected: video works. But even if you know that creating videos for Facebook is more effective than other types of content, you may need some help getting your strategy going.

Should you post longer, deep-dive types of videos, or go short? Is there a certain format that works best? What elements should you include in a good video?

Whether you’re a seasoned Facebook videographer or just getting comfortable with visual marketing, your Facebook marketing is about to get a boost with these six best practices:

Hit the Timing Sweet Spot: Keep your videos between 15 and 90 seconds in length, or you’re likely to lose your audience. When you’re recording a straight ad, keep it closer to 15 seconds, while a how-to or unboxing video can run closer to 90. Align your length with the value your video delivers.

Hook ‘em: When creating videos for Facebook, there’s a temptation to warm up with a lengthy introduction or too much beating around the bush. To keep your audience interested, tell them right away what your video is about and then go directly to that topic.

Tell People Why: When you post your video on Facebook, be sure to tell your audience why they should watch it. There’s a lot of content vying for their time, so be sure you can sell your audience on the value they’ll gain from your video.

Don’t Be Square: If you’re debating between vertical and square video, choose vertical. It outperforms square video, largely because so much video is consumed on mobile devices.

Caption Your Video: Many Facebook users don’t turn on sound as they scroll, but even the most casual eye will pick up text that’s relevant and interesting, even if they’re doing a pretty fast sweep through their feed. Turning on captioning helps you catch the eye of your target audience.

Mix it Up: Don’t just stick to one format of video. You should mix in some live video, some behind-the-scenes, a how-to and an unboxing. Some of these will be lively and fun; others will get down to business. These kinds of mixed formats keep your audience interested.

If you’re just getting into creating videos for Facebook, let’s talk it through. At SJC Marketing, we have ideas for how to boost engagement, tips to keep your videos exciting and strategies for weaving them into a strategic marketing plan.

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