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4 Kinds of Posts to Improve Connections With Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Is your Facebook marketing a bit flat? Try a little humor or asking a question that gets conversation rolling.

Facebook marketing looks so easy. You write a post, maybe share a favorite quote. You throw out a few pics from headquarters. You even invest some money into a paid ad.

And then…nothing. Sure, you can see that people liked your posts, but are those non-discerning clickers that never saw a post they didn’t like? Or is it true engagement?

With the right kinds of posts, you can see improved connections with your target audience and see those connections translate to conversions. Let’s discuss the four types:

Ask Questions. The Right Questions. If you’re trying to attract small business owners, try a question like, “Small business owners wear a lot of hats…which one is your least favorite?” With any luck, their least favorite role will be the one you’re trying to market.

Looking to engage with homeowners who might be looking for a renovation? Ask people to post a picture of the least-used room in their home. You might just start some engagement over ideas for repurposing an awkward office space or a basement remodel.

Celebrate Everything. Any given day on the calendar is being celebrated as National Donut Day or Paint Your Nails Purple Day (we made that one up, but go on and use it). Create a post that mentions the person, food or hobby being honored and invite your friends to comment.

Give a Glimpse: Your workplace may seem boring to you, but when it comes to Facebook Marketing, a look behind the scenes can be pretty exciting. Show off how your bakers perfect their kneading technique, how your drivers efficiently load their trucks or how you choose which items make the front window of your retail shop.

If you aren’t sure which kind of glimpse will be most interesting, try a behind-the-scenes tour and then ask your Facebook followers what they want to see more of in-depth.

Have Some Fun: Run a poll of favorite 80’s songs. Force your products into competition with one another in a contest. Poke a little good-natured fun at a competitor. There are plenty of ways to add humor and whimsy to your posts, and these kinds of Facebook marketing keep the main purposes of social media in mind: connection and entertainment.

Looking for new ways to boost engagement with your Facebook marketing strategy? We would love to grab a cup of coffee and talk about some new ideas for your post.

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