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Ready to Engage With Your Audience in a New Way With Instagram Reels?

Marketing with Instagram gets a boost from Reels.

TikTok has grown at a fast rate over the past year, so it’s only natural that other social media platforms would dive in with similar video-based platforms. Such is the case with Instagram Reels. Brands are using Reels to engage with Instagram users on a different level.

Reels users create and edit short videos on whatever they’re inspired to do, but for your brand, it’s all about connecting with an audience of potential customers. While everyone hopes their video will go viral and offer a significant boost to their brand, increased engagement on a smaller level can be key for your marketing strategy.

Why Use Reels?

Showcasing a product or service is one of the most common reasons companies use Reels. Another is to create content that is authentic and will resonate with your audience, giving them a sense of who you are, which allows them to feel connected to your brand. Finally, Reels can be used as an educational tool, which helps your target audience get answers to the questions they have about your product/service.

Tips on Creating More Valuable Reels

Coming up with a content plan in advance is a good idea, because rather than “learn as you go,” you can gain more attention by focusing on content that will hit home with your key demographic.

Of course, you can use Reels for anything you desire – it doesn’t always have to be about a product or service. The following are suggestions for Reels that other companies have used with great success:

  • Introduce Your Employees
    Between promotional Reels, consider introducing key members of your team to your followers. This is a way to establish a more personal relationship with consumers.
  • Give Stuff Away
    Who doesn’t like freebies? Nothing increases engagement like an opportunity to win something cool.
  • Share Your Process
    You can keep all the company secrets, but consider showing your audience the creative process. Or, if you’ve got a particularly interesting visual of a product being made, use it in Reels.
  • Brand Stories
    Another behind-the-scenes option is to use Reels to talk about your story. How did your brand become what it is today? You can deepen the relationship with current customers and draw the interest of new ones via this type of Reels.

Social media platforms tend to roll out new tools quite frequently, so it’s understandable if you’re having a tough time keeping up. If you bring in a marketing agency to assist you, all that hard work learning new platforms is off your shoulders.

At SJC Marketing, we’ve assisted brands in many industries with social media campaigns. Whether it’s Reels, Facebook or Twitter, we’ve got solutions that will help you engage more with your audience, so let’s discuss your content outreach strategy.

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