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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Customer Testimonials

Including customer testimonials in your marketing strategy can boost engagement, loyalty and your conversion rate.

Consumers trust what other people have to say about a product or service – more so than what someone from the company says.

BigCommerce, a company that offers an open SaaS solution for helping businesses grow their online presence, found in its research that 72% of consumers believe reading positive reviews about a company establishes trust in the company. And nearly 90% say they’ll trust the online reviews from strangers just as much as the personal recommendations they get from people they know.  This research shows the value customer testimonials can bring to your marketing strategy.

The Importance of Relationships
Customer testimonials allow you to demonstrate the connections you have with your customers so that consumers can get a glimpse of the kind of relationship they might have with your brand. When they can see how you solved a problem or filled a need for a customer, they begin to think you might offer value to them, as well.

Proof Positive
You’ve likely heard of the psychological concept called social proof, which says that when people make decisions, they’re often based on what others have done before them. Another way of putting it is that people follow the lead of others to fit in with societal norms.

Customer testimonials are a perfect example of social proof, as they provide evidence that others have vetted a product or service. Amazon purchases prove a point, as you can filter your search results by the number of reviews an item has received. When you are judging two similar products, the social proof concept says that you’re probably going to choose the one that has the most customer reviews.

Conversion Creator
Customers who interact with a review are nearly 60% more likely to make a purchase. If you’re looking to get that kind of engagement going with your marketing efforts, bring in the professionals at SJC Marketing to assist you. From facilitating customer testimonials to helping you with a comprehensive marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered. Contact us and let’s discuss getting more eyes on your brand.

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