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The Value of Testimonials for Your B2B Marketing

Mine your reviews to see trends in pain points and benefits, which can inform your B2B marketing strategy.

Building trust is an important part of any B2B marketing strategy in a business environment where people are looking for authenticity and expertise in the brands they choose.

You may be overlooking a great resource for establishing that trust. Your reviews can be mined for insights and also fashioned into testimonials to share.

A testimonial is a valuable tool for improving your search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s talk about some ways to do that:

Analyze Those Reviews: Plugging your reviews into an analytical framework can help you identify trends. Are there pain points that you hadn’t identified before? Maybe your brand has benefits that you have never showcased in your marketing, but they turn out to be pretty important to your customers.

Use this information to inform your content strategy. You may find that there are new topics and ideas that you’ve never considered, and you may be able to use some of the language to refine your keyword strategy.

Answer Your Reviews: Search engines favor companies that engage with reviewers, so take time to answer your reviews, even if they’re all so awesome that all you can do is respond with a hearty, “Thanks!”

Google and other search engines like to reward companies that have changing activity on their websites and that demonstrate an eagerness to respond to customers.

Elevate: Identify some reviews that need to go next level by determining which capture the mindset of your buyer personas or who highlight the very brand story you’re trying to communicate. Use those testimonials on landing pages, on your product pages and showcase them on social media or email newsletters.

If there are reviews by influencers in your industry, or if you can find some that might be expanded for an effective video, consider showcasing a particularly good testimonial for widespread use.

Not sure how to capture reviews and testimonials to fuel your B2B marketing strategy? SJC Marketing can help you look for ways to encourage customers to write a review and help you analyze reviews for marketing insights. Let’s grab coffee and do some strategizing!

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