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3 Big Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Your digital marketing campaign may need to make some adjustments for voice search.

If you haven’t yet managed to muster up the enthusiasm for creating your 2021 digital marketing strategy, you’re not alone. Even those that mastered the agility and flexibility necessary for survival in the past year might be wondering where to go next.

Don’t worry, because the trends emerging for 2021 aren’t going to require a complete overhaul of your business model. Instead, take a look at these three trends for 2021 and how you can implement these into your strategy:

Stick with Streaming: You’re going to see some live events returning, but there are some events that, frankly, are better in pajamas. Marketers are learning that this option is attractive on both sides, with companies and attendees alike appreciating the convenience and cost savings of live streaming some events.

This won’t work for every kind of event, but any time you can find opportunities for transitioning a live event to a streaming situation, it makes sense to evaluate it for the best format. Live viewing on Facebook shot up by 50% in 2020, an indicator that there’s a big part of the population that’s likely comfortable with live streaming and maybe even prefer it in many circumstances.

Consider Voice Search: Now that everyone can simply yell out questions to a device in their living rooms, they’re transitioning to more voice search everywhere. If your search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t including a consideration of how people are searching now, you may want to make an adjustment in your strategy.

For instance, people may type in “ice cream parlors near me” in a Google search, but they may say, “Where is the nearest ice cream shop?” when they ask out loud. It’s a distinction that should be reflected in your strategy.

Prioritize Podcasting: Podcasts are the sweet spot in content consumption. You’re not forced to remain stationery and stare at a screen to soak up information on your favorite topics. You can listen in while you go for a run, on the commute to work or while you pick up around the house.

That’s why 55% of Americans tune in to podcasts. They’re the perfect way to dig in deep on a favorite topic, discussed by experts, at your convenience.

For marketers, they’re a great way to augment your other digital marketing efforts, bringing in influencers from your industry or doing a dive into a topic that garnered some attention on your blog. Best of all, podcasting requires little investment to get started, yet offers a great format for engaging your audience.

Want to implement one of these trends into your digital marketing strategy? Our team at SJC Marketing is ready to discuss the best ways to connect with your target market in 2021.

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