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5 Reasons Content Marketing is More Critical Than Ever

Content marketing allows you to grow your voice as an expert in your industry and as a trusted brand.

You’ve heard that content is king, but it’s taking on new importance in an era when consumers are weary of advertising noise and skeptical of brands trying to sell, sell, sell. People are looking for a connection, not just a purchase, and content marketing is your best method for a better customer relationship.

Here are five reasons content marketing is key for your brand in 2021:

Communicate Authenticity: When you laugh with a coworker on a podcast, stumble over a word or two in your live video or capture a photo of your employees celebrating an office birthday, you’re reminding your audience that you’re people, too. There’s a time for polished, perfect marketing, but there’s also plenty of room for the human part of business.

Develop a Trusted Relationship: If you post a blog entitled, “How to Overcome Three Hurdles in Your Job,” but the topic turns out to be much more focused on how great your company is, you’ll lose your audience quickly.

When you develop content that solves a problem, delivers helpful information or discusses an interesting topic, you’ll build trust with your audience. When they are ready to make a purchase, you’ll be the first company they approach because they already trust your brand.

Cultivate Your Place as an Expert: As your content is disbursed and shared, your reputation as an expert in your industry will grow. When members of your target market have a question, they will know they can find an answer on your site.

Increase Lead Generation: A well-placed call to action (CTA) or an opt-in to access more in-depth content can help you generate leads. Your CTA tells visitors to your site, social media profile or in an email what you would like them to do next. This encourages your target market to begin receiving your content on a regular basis or explore your product page while you continue making efforts to build the relationship.

Increase Conversions: This key for your marketing plan, so be sure to include some metrics in your strategy to see how your content marketing activities contribute to conversions. Whether it’s reaching out with the right promotional email at the right time or publishing a blog that helps leads compare products for a final decision, your strategy should be tailored for conversions.

If your content marketing strategy isn’t delivering the benefits listed above, maybe it’s time for a reset. Our team is ready to work on your new strategy.

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