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Your Branding Strategy Has a Big Impact on the Customer Experience

A branding strategy is a comprehensive way to help your customers experience your brand.

Your branding strategy is a critical part of the customer experience. Consumers don’t want to simply purchase a product or service based on price and then move on. They want to feel like they are partnering with a company that shares their values and interests.

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Is It Time To Update Your Brand Strategy?

How do you effectively communicate your brand messaging at every touchpoint with the customer, so that they feel they are experiencing your brand? Here are three ways to carry out your branding strategy:

In-person: Your in-person connections with customers should be tailored to your brand identity. What colors do you use in your retail locations, both in your décor and in how products are displayed. Apple stores are often held up as an example, with their sleek, minimalist design that perfectly reflects their product and service branding.

If you’re selling a luxury product or service, for instance, does your retail location also carry that message?

Website: A website plays an outsized role in your branding strategy. The look and feel of your website should be consistent with your color scheme, your brand voice and your use of images and white space.

A company that celebrates making customers’ lives more convenient should be especially vigilant about making sure their online purchasing process prioritizes conveniences. Look for areas where menus or product information may be hard to access.

Social Media: Whether you’re selling products or services, your social media activities should be consistent with your branding strategy. From the content you post to the language you use when you interact with customers, it should all be in line with your brand strategy.

Consider your brand strategy in how you address complaints, what types of comments you’ll address or leave alone and what approach you’ll take to a question.

Your branding strategy is not just choosing a logo or tagline; it’s about every part of your customer’s experience, from your voice and color scheme to the personality you’ll show on social media.

Feeling a little unsure about “who” exactly your brand should be? At SJC Marketing, we help you determine exactly what makes your brand unique, and then help you develop a branding strategy that tells your story consistently and in a way that makes your company shine.

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