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Why Your Web Design is Never Complete

About one-third of consumers say that user experience should be the priority in web design.

The last time you updated your web design, it was probably on a list of priorities or objectives for the year. You set a budget, completed the project and checked off that to-do item with a flourish.

But things have changed.

In the time since you’ve done an update, web design has become inextricable from customer experience, a critical part of how purchasing decisions are made. Almost one-third (31%) of consumers believe that customer experience should be the primary consideration when designing your website.

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Consider these two important factors when you think about web design:

It’s a Bigger Deal Than You Probably Think: A new report found that half of consumers (50%) say that website design is an important part of their impression of the brand. And they also revealed what they want to see:

  • 40% want to see images or photos
  • 39% want to see some color
  • 21% want to see videos

They also want to see it in combination, preferring web designs that offer a multimedia experience.

If it Doesn’t Work, it Will Cost You: Poor functionality is the main reason consumers cite for bailing out on a website, with 42% saying they will leave a malfunctioning website. While user experience is key, web designers must also consider navigation and accessibility.

And it’s a problem that influences other aspects of your brand. People frustrated with your web design will wonder if you put the same thought into your products or services.

In addition to these two factors, there are some other reasons why you can’t ever consider your web design to be a done deal:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices change frequently. The qualities of a website that made them attractive according to Google’s algorithms three years ago are different today.
  • If you invested in a DIY option, you probably need ongoing maintenance to keep hackers and bugs at bay.
  • User experience expectations change frequently. What your customers want today will change over the next couple of years, and maybe even months.

Whether your web design needs a major overhaul or just a few updates to improve your SEO, SJC Marketing can help. Let’s get together and take a look at your site to see how we can help your brand shine.

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