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Why Your Brand Needs Professional Photography

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When it’s time to gather headshots for your “About Us” page on your website, or when you need updated photos of each of your products, you might be tempted to forego professional photography. Whether it’s your staff member with the newest smartphone or a friend who happens to have a nice camera, there are always ideas for how to cut costs.

That doesn’t mean you should. There are benefits to using professional photography:

It Tells Your Story: A photographer who specializes in marketing has expertise in communicating volumes in a single image. They will know how to position subjects to make the most of your message, whether it’s about your company, your staff or your product.

It Communicates Value: Unless your business prides itself on being a cheap bargain, you generally won’t want your images to convey that message. You want the quality of your images to match the value you place on your product or service.

It Builds a Library of Marketing Assets: When you invest in professional photography, you will walk away with images you can use across your website, social media, brochures and more. You will be able to employ them in many different ways.

Are there times when a smartphone or a nice personal camera will do the trick? Yes. For instance, if you are taking a fun group picture at the holiday party or showing off behind-the-scenes fun that will go on your social media pages, these are kinds of occasions when a casual approach can work.

But many situations call for professional photography:

Headshots: Consumers look up websites before they make a purchase, so your first impression is no longer the one you make in person. Create a first impression that goes well every time when you have professional headshots for your team.

Web Pages: Your website should be a workhorse, welcoming visitors and then converting them into customers. That doesn’t sound like a good place for a snapshot from a smartphone. It’s important that every image featured on your website is pulling its weight by sending the right message and moving visitors toward a purchase.

Marketing: When you are working on materials for content marketing, what you are trying to cultivate is trust with potential customers. Professional photography helps you more accurately capture who you are as a company and communicate it to your target audience.

You won’t be surprised to find out that SJC Marketing has a talented professional photographer on our team. With many years of experience and a passion for helping your company shine, she’s ready to work with you! Contact us to get started.

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