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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Website Content?

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A few years ago you often heard the phrase “content is king” among marketing experts. The phrase became cliche but the sentiment behind it is still 100% relevant. Without a keen eye for developing website content that is relevant to your target audience, your website will miss the mark.

There are many good reasons to keep producing new content. Consumer pain points are continually changing as is your business. SEO algorithms are being updated regularly and how consumers search for products and services continues to evolve. Because of this your website content should also advance over time. Here are some things you need to evaluate for your website content:

Raise Your Voice

You’ve worked hard to establish a voice for your brand, but it’s not a task you perform and then check off your list. Rather, your brand changes to reflect a changing target audience as well as changing products and services. This means your voice will need to evolve with it.

As with so many aspects of website content, the way you approach the development of your new voice will largely depend on what speaks to your audience. The more you know about them and their wants and needs, the more resonant your voice will be.

Re-evaluate Keywords

Keyword advice again? Yes, but hang with us because keywords that worked last year might not be relevant and could be making your website fall back in search rankings.

Monitoring keyword trends is something you need to have on your radar for your content creation and making it part of your core marketing objective will prevent you from sliding in search.

Keep Your Competitors Close

It pays to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and compare it to what is working or not working for you.

Website content needs to address the target audience’s pain points and show that your brand has empathy for their problems and offers a solution. Is your competition doing a better job of this with their content than your organization? If so, make note of their approach and what can you learn from it.

Look at all aspects, from the detail they go into and the level of trustworthiness their content achieves. And consider their personality and company culture to see if it offers something you should adjust in your approach.

All of these content considerations are important, but you may be struggling to find the time to address them. When you partner with a marketing agency that specializes in quality content and prioritizes SEO you can take your website and your content to a new level.

Want to know more? Contact our team at SJC Marketing and let’s talk about getting your website content in great shape.

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