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The “About Us” Page Is a Key Part of Your Business Website

The “about us” section of your business website is crucial in creating loyalty among your customers.

Most functional business websites have an “about us” section, but every great business website has something more:  a well-thought-out and enticing “about us” page. This part of the website is more important than most business leaders know.

When consumers develop a sense of loyalty to a brand it is because they feel like the brand is representative of at least some small part of them. The “about us” information needs to make that connection.

Making the Connection

Telling consumers who or what you are is essentially a small biography that can reveal a variety of insights, including the following:

  • How your brand was founded
  • What separates you from the competition
  • Details about your company culture
  • Information about key players in the company
  • How you value your target audience

Notice that this brief list doesn’t include going into the minutiae of your services or products. That doesn’t mean you can’t make mention of them, but the consumer who landed on your site most likely is already aware of what it is that you do, and they clicked on the “about us” section to gain insights into what makes you tick. This is why you need to inject some personality into this content rather than promote products or services.

Creating Content

Rather than take on this task alone, bring in some employees to help, as they will have a unique perspective that will help your content take shape. Interview your co-workers and ask them to describe what the company represents and the core values of the company.

You should also tell your story about how your company began. Start long and whittle it down to short and snappy sentences that entertain rather than lecture. This can include the background of the founder(s) and milestones in your company history.

Outside Assistance

While you should be part of the creative process in developing your business website’s “about us” page, you can bring in content creators and website design experts to help you make the most engaging version. That’s what we offer at SJC Marketing. We work closely with our clients, learning about their company culture and helping them with a variety of content creation projects, including websites. Contact us and let’s talk about getting your story out there.

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