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Why Visuals Matter in Content Marketing

Consumers are more likely to interact with your content marketing output if you include visual elements.

You likely already know that imagery within content is important to engage consumers. But putting any visual onto a blog or social media post doesn’t necessarily advance your efforts. A deeper look into how users react to various types of visuals can give your content marketing a big boost.

While a visual will entice your target audience to click on your post, it won’t necessarily keep them engaged. Breaking up text with images has proven to earn posts more likes and shares. But what about video and other types of imagery?

Let’s take a look at some areas you should consider before you plan your next content marketing campaign.

Get Animated

“Scrollytelling” is a combination of scrolling and storytelling and it is a powerful way to keep your reader engaged. It’s a visual storytelling aid that utilizes anything from images, videos, infographics and all sorts of visual elements. As the reader scrolls, the visual elements change in a way that deepens the meaning you’re trying to convey.

The concept is simple: content appears and changes as the reader transitions. But you have to be careful not to overdo it and have the visuals take away from what you’re trying to say. For an example of how simplicity in scrollytelling hits the mark, check out this page detailing the distance between Mars and Earth.

Finessing Flat Lays

A big trend that seems here to stay in ecommerce, flat lay photography is the process of shooting images from a bird’s eye view. The most common of these photos show an array of objects that are arranged in a particular manner.

The best examples of flat lay photography are those where the format is carefully chosen, the theme perfectly matches what you’re promoting, colors are carefully selected, the background is clean and space is left open so text can be included.

Explain Away

Consumers use the web to educate themselves so they can make fact-based decisions about how to spend their money. It’s no wonder that explainer videos are huge with consumers. These videos can be extremely short, or if you’re tackling a complex topic, fairly long.

A great explainer video begins with a carefully crafted script. Write a sentence or two about your product or service, identify your target audience and the problem you’re trying to solve, then dive into the particulars. Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end.

If your goal is to use more visuals in your content marketing but you don’t have the time to devote toward building an effective strategy our team can help you. At SJC, we assist organizations in many industries with their content marketing. We can help your campaigns get more attention but utilizing the type of imagery that will impact your target audience.

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