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Web Design Tips for Connecting to Your Audience

From researching your target audience to simplifying your site, web design relies on a variety of factors.

Trends are difficult to predict because there are so many variables involved. For example, fashion trends are determined by cultural, environmental, psychological and political factors. It might surprise you to know web design, given its aesthetic nature, shares some commonalities with fashion trends. Companies rely on their web design to keep them relevant to consumers. What factors should you consider as you rethink your web design?

Rolling With the Changes

The first place to look for tips regarding web design is in consumer preferences. The flow of a web page is always going to be important, which means a consumer will not stay on a page that is jumbled and cluttered. They will, however, have subtle variations in color preference, as well as the simplicity or complexity of the design.

A recent trend is bending toward simplicity in design. This means that consumers stay longer on websites that have snappy navigation lists that are short. Simplicity also means getting to the point quickly, which is why bold yet simple content is a hit with consumers today.

Speedy Results

Consumers are impatient about page load times. If yours doesn’t open within a couple of seconds, they’ll likely click off. Faster Internet and processing speeds have given designers the opportunity to create faster streamlined pages. Always audit your load times and be sure to offer support for faster rendering as needed.

Cater to Consumers

Within the last couple of years, consumer preferences have evolved rather rapidly in some key areas. One of those areas is in regard to their desire to feel known by the companies they spend money with. This has led to greater importance placed on personalizing your content. The way you personalize is to get to know as much about your target audience as you possibly can and design your web experience around their preferences. Whether it’s segmenting the audience and digging deeper into their wants and needs or tracking their movements, gain more perspective and put it to use.

It can be challenging for some organizations to stay on top of their web presence. If keeping up with the latest web design trends falls out of your realm of expertise, partner with professionals who can assist you in this area.

At SJC Marketing, we’re committed to helping our clients stay relevant and make a positive impression on their target audience. We can develop a strategy as well as a design that speaks directly to the people you value. Contact us and learn more about our approach to web design.

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