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Utilizing Generational Marketing for Maximum Effect

Cater to your audience in a way that speaks directly to them with generational marketing strategies.

From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, each generation has characteristics that help define who they are, and this is vital when attempting to create content for them at the consumer level. If generational marketing hasn’t been part of your strategy before, now is the time to consider segmenting your audiences by generation for maximum effect.

Stay Relevant

Generational marketing is a strategic approach for basing content decisions around the specific needs, worries, issues, wants and interests of each generation.

It involves constantly checking in with segments of your target audience, gauging how the things that were important to them last year have evolved this year. You might even have a younger group coming up that offers unique challenges you also have to monitor if you’re going to engage them with your marketing content.

The more you keep up with and understand your target audience, the more you’ll know about how and where they interact with brands. When your messaging is spot on, you will reach the expectations of your target audience, especially as they age.


Knowing what makes a particular audience tick means you can build content that resonates with them. It fosters a stronger connection with them and the result is increased brand loyalty. Will they age out of your product or service? That all depends on what you’re offering, but years of loyalty means years of positive impact on your bottom line.

Reach a New Audience

Generational marketing can help you expand to new audiences. By digging into social data, you can learn more about diverse identities and potentially open up a pathway to a new audience. By utilizing social platforms, marketers can even test various content types and creative styles and see what fits.

SJC Marketing recognizes the diverse characteristics of different age groups and we tailor our marketing efforts to personalize content so it is impactful to individual generations of consumers. Whether you’re trying to establish your brand or if you’re interested in making an impression on a new audience, we can help you build a strategy that provides results. Contact us and let’s work together to get more eyes on your brand.

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