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Gaining Traction With Your Small Business Marketing

Work with a marketing expert to get more value out of your small business marketing efforts.

Has your small business marketing approach failed to improve your search engine rankings or drive traffic to your website? Poorly performing strategies can lead to feelings of wasted resources and put you at a disadvantage in regard to your competitors. While there is no secret formula to success, there are best practices you can follow to get more leverage out of your marketing efforts.

Increase Your Social Media Engagement

We all understand the key role social media plays in marketing today. 96% of small businesses use social media in their strategy, giving them the potential to reach a massive audience.

Companies that have built up a following on social media utilize some similar practices, such as using social media as a place to offer resources rather than a promotional space. Engaging with the audience involves touching on topics important to your industry and starting a conversation.

Define Your Audience

To get more leads and to move consumers along in the buy cycle you have to know what type of marketing content is going to be of value to them, and you can’t create this content without defining your target audience first. Truly knowing who they are means you know about their struggles and how your business can be a solution.

Take it a step further and drill down on the characteristics of your audience so you can segment them into specific groups and create more personalized content for each group.

Variety is Key

Consistency in content creation is vital, but so too is variety. Whether it’s in your social media posts, newsletters, emails or blogs on your website, always strive to provide varied content that will continually engage your target audience and give them a reason to keep coming back and absorbing your content in all its forms.

Outsource for Better Results

You’re good at what you do, but are you a professional marketer? Most small business marketing efforts come from one person, and it would be impossible for them to gain expertise in every area of marketing. When you work with a marketing team, you benefit from a variety of experience and expertise. Yes, outsourcing comes with a price, but small business owners find that the investment pays off.

At SJC Marketing, we work with many small businesses, providing decades of marketing experience in a variety of ways. From web design to content creation, we’re here to help your brand reach more consumers. Contact us for information about our approach to helping our clients so they can attract more customers.

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