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Monday Morning Coffee With Finite Engineering

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If variety is the spice of life, you might say that a job at Finite Engineering promises a perfectly seasoned career. That’s because when you ask the engineers and designers why they appreciate being a part of the team, they say it’s the unique nature of every assignment and every project.

The variety comes from the important need that this Overland Park-based engineering team meets for companies across all kinds of industries.

The team of engineers and designers at Finite Engineering help clients with load analysis 3D modeling and new product development.

When a client is stuck on a challenge, encountering a broken part or a need to streamline operations, they need an engineer. Sometimes those clients have an engineer or a whole team of engineers in-house, but they are tasked with other aspects of the project and can’t be pulled away to complete another area. Other times, a client requests an engineering service that they are somewhat familiar with, but they need it so rarely that it’s faster and more efficient to ask Finite to do it.

New Product Development

One of the areas of expertise for Finite Engineering is new product development. A company may have an idea for a concept, but they are unsure how to take it through the process to market. This is another area in which Finite is focused on a daily basis, but tends to be unfamiliar for many of their clients.

When Finite Engineering partners in a new product development project, they offer many benefits, including 3D modeling and printing, load assessment and other services that reduce the number of prototypes, standardize the design process and accurately determine materials requirements. The expertise of the engineers and designers equip the project with time- and cost-saving tools that improve the process.

A Broader Perspective

There is an advantage to working with engineers who have experience in a broad variety of industries. Even when a client has a full team of engineers, it is helpful for Finite to come in and assess the project. They may see the challenges and obstacles from a fresh perspective, offering new insights from past projects where they may have encountered similar factors.

Train Us Once, Use Us Forever

It’s a phrase that the team at Finite Engineering uses to describe how they partner with other companies. In an initial conversation, a client might wonder how Finite engineers could possibly learn their systems or processes quickly enough to be helpful. Time and again, the Finite Engineering team adapts with speed, surprising the client, and ensuring that they will get a call on the next project, as well.

If you find that your project needs the specialty services of an engineer, such as Finite Element Analysis or 3D modeling, call on the team at Finite Engineering. You’ll find that their commitment to helping you stay within your budget and your timeline is matched by the high quality of work they deliver.

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