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Establishing Trust in B2B Marketing

B2B marketing success relies on content that establishes trust and builds a connection with your audience.

If there is one component that is foundational for attracting and keeping customers, it’s trust. So much of what B2B marketing tries to achieve is that sense of trust, providing customers the assurance they need to invest in your brand. Successful marketers know that the way to achieve this is to educate and make an emotional connection rather than try to sell.

Values First

Talking about your company values is important for making a connection with customers. It’s difficult to land a client when your company culture is not discussed because increasingly, your target audience is looking to do business with a brand that shares their values. B2B marketing should provide that sense of personality, values and culture that gives a face to a brand and becomes the foundation of a strong relationship.

Speak to Needs

Creating a connection can sometimes rely on speaking to specific needs. When your B2B marketing content taps into the needs of a customer with solutions, you create an emotional connection. By demonstrating that your brand has empathy and that you understand their perspective, you further establish that all-important trust.

Tracking Trends

Your position as a thought leader in your industry is also vital in establishing trust. By tackling trends in your B2B marketing content, you’re proving that you know about the trends happening in your industry and that you have a unique insight into relevant topics. Your content shows that you know the difference between a passing fad and a trend that has proven to be of value.

Leveraging Knowledge

B2B marketing at a high level requires research. A recent article on LinkedIn addresses the fact that 74% of B2B buyers consider original research to be influential in their purchasing decisions. But less than 40% of brands are taking the time to provide original content that informs decisions.

At SJC Marketing, we get why taking all the right steps to establish trust is so difficult. Most company leaders are busy running a company and doing what they know best rather than becoming experts in B2B marketing. But leave that to us. We take the time to get to know your company culture, your industry and what matters to your target audience. We’ll create the content that will improve engagement, establish trust and get more eyes on your brand. Contact us and let’s discuss a strategy that will work for you.

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