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Is Empathy Critical to B2B Marketing?

You might be surprised to find that empathy is a big part of B2B marketing and needs to be included in your strategy.

You have heard that empathy is a big part of B2C marketing because it’s important when marketing directly to people. This might surprise you, but the people running companies are…people. That’s why even in a B2B marketing strategy, empathy is going to play a big role.

There are differences in the buying process, of course. B2B purchases tend to involve multiple stakeholders, particularly for bigger investments, and that process comes with more viewpoints. But just like a B2C purchase, the decision involves a lot of emotion and connection with a brand.

Here are a few ways that you should be thinking about empathy in your strategy:

Think About Pain Points: There’s a reason the company is thinking of doing business with you. Maybe the vendor they previously used went out of business, but it also may be that there was something lacking in their previous product or service.

Consider your brand and what you offer that’s unique. Think about how those qualities solve problems or challenges for companies and decide how to communicate those advantages.

Provide Valuable Content: Nobody wants to spend part of their workday reading a blog about how great your company is. But they have items on their to-do list, and if you can remove one, you’re going to be their first call when it’s time to make an investment in your industry.

Use your content to solve a problem, challenge an assumption or discuss a critical topic that affects your audience. Build a reputation for expertise and reliable solutions and you’ll see results from your content.

Work on Storytelling: Valuable content is also entertaining and offers an emotional connection, and that happens through storytelling. Maybe you have a compelling “why” behind your brand that you think other companies might want to know about, such as a cause you partner with or an ambitious sustainability policy.

Think in terms of the message you want to share and the best ways to connect. Is that through a funny video, a contest on Instagram or an email campaign that reveals clues to a coming promotion? There are endless ways to be creative in your storytelling, but the focus should be on empathy.

Make Empathy a Priority: B2B marketing includes not just the content you create, but also how you respond. For instance, consider your social media activity and how often you typically respond to a comment or complaint. These are prime opportunities to create empathy in a conversation, particularly in treating another company’s post with respect. It’s a person behind that brand, and that person is making a connection with your company.

At SJC Marketing, we can help you develop a B2B marketing strategy that takes nuances like empathy into consideration and seamlessly includes them in your campaigns. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk through how you’re currently doing with your marketing strategy and whether there are ways we can help your brand shine.

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