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Use Instagram Reels to Build Your Audience

Looking to reach out to a wider audience? Use Instagram Reels and see your content land with more users.

Instagram is the 8th most viewed website in the world with 4.25 billion visits per month.

It’s also Gen Z’s favorite social platform and more than 20% of them use Instagram Reels on a weekly basis. And while TikTok is on the top of just about every marketer’s list, Instagram Reels can’t be discounted, as the average use per day on this platform is around 30 minutes per user.

Instagram Reels has around 758 million users and it’s expected to grow even more this year. Users reshare Instagram Reels almost a billion times a day, which means your content that hits with one person is likely to be shared multiple times. It’s no wonder that so many companies are utilizing this social platform to gain more brand awareness among their target audiences.

Reasons to Use Instagram Reels

Launched in 2019, Reels allowed users to post up to 15-second posts, but in 2022, users were allowed to post reels lasting 90 seconds. Marketers are gaining traction by delivering the right kind of content in the right size to their audience.

Increased Reach: If you’re still on the fence about Instagram Reels, consider how others have gained more brand awareness. It can be difficult to stand out among the crowd, but every successful business has done it. When your content is entertaining and informative, it can reach a broader audience and make an impact on them that fosters a relationship with your brand.

Promotions: Do you have a new product or service dropping soon? Put together a series of videos for Reels and get the word out. Not only does this draw attention to your new product or service, but it can also entice users to do a deep dive into your account and find out more about your brand.

B2B/B2C: Instagram operates on a different model than TikTok because Instagram is considered by some marketers to be a business hotbed. You’ll find that huge brands, such as Red Bull and Louis Vuitton, are using Reels with great success. And while the B2C crowd has gained traction on this platform, the B2B buyer is there as well.

At SJC Marketing, we’ve assisted clients in many industries with content that is perfect for Instagram Reels. We get to know your brand, your business and who your target audience is and then we create content that appeals to them. Contact us and let’s talk about partnering on your next campaign.

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