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The SEO Tool You May Not Know About

A press release is a good way to improve your SEO if you use it in the right way.

Investing in your search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve your rankings on Google and other search sites. But how do you know what is most valuable for you to focus on? Following recommended practices for improving your ranking is a good place to begin.

On these lists for SEO best practices, you’ll see advice about how to plan your keyword strategy or how to use meta descriptions and visual content to improve your rankings. The tip that a lot of advice leaves out? The press release.

Including well-written press releases in your marketing strategy helps establish your website’s credibility with search engines and helps you get the word out when a newsworthy event is occurring. Here are some thoughts on how to do it well:

Make Sure You Have News: This seems rather obvious, but it may be tempting to use a press release almost like a blog or even a social post. The press release is not a place to share opinions, tips or how-tos. It is a unique format for sharing important news updates:

  • An upcoming event or a new product line
  • A rebranding and the open house that will launch it
  • New, noteworthy leadership joining your organization
  • Mergers or acquisitions

Write it Well: A press release has a specific format that follows certain rules. It includes an attention-grabbing headline, then proceeds to share information. Anyone reading the press release should be able to know the critical information within a few lines of reading the release.

Your press release should be written with a more formal tone. This is not the conversational approach that is usually used in other types of content. It has a distinct newsroom sound.

Distribute Appropriately: A press release should be posted on your site, but you should also use the right distribution channels. Newswire, eReleases and PR Distribution are some of the channels you might consider. You can also send it to local news outlets and via email to business partners.

For some small businesses, taking the time to learn how to write a press release and where to distribute it is not an efficient approach. That’s why we’re here. Contact SJC Marketing for help in creating the perfectly formatted press release designed for boosting your SEO.

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