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Is it Time For a New Website Design?

Taking a fresh look at your website design can reveal inadequacies that may be costing you opportunities.

Did you know that decreasing the load time of your website by one-tenth of a second can result in major increases in conversion rates? This stat alone is reason enough to revisit your web design and make slight improvements to gain more footing with your target audience. And while almost 75% of web designers will name slow or non-responsive websites as the main reason visitors rapidly click away from a site, there is more to web design than speed alone.

There’s a reason the web design industry currently has over 180,000 professionals in the U.S. alone (and is projected to grow to 205,000 by 2030): their services are vital to keeping up with the expectations of consumers who demand outstanding functionality on the sites they use.

Vital Components

Are your design aesthetics and functionality up to consumer standards? Here’s what Top Design Firms found in its study in 2021 about what consumers value most in the sites they visit:

  • 40% find images most important
  • 39% said the right colors determine the value of a website
  • 21% say the most valuable component is video

You get the hint: visual content is critical. After that, the right typography, charts and infographics and animation complete a good design.

Common Mistakes

Web designers who have learned from the mistakes they’ve made know that crowded web design often leads to a low-quality customer experience. Trying to cram too much information into one space leads to consumers leaving the site quickly.

Some designers fail to think about the flow of their pages. If consumers find navigating the pages to be a chore or unnatural, they’ll leave. This can occur because the color palettes are confusing or there is improper flow between text and visual elements. Re-evaluating your web design will help root out confusion.

Are your ads in the right places? Many designers find ads to be a necessary part of design, but they know how to make them work without interrupting the flow of the site.

Call-to-Action statements and contact information oversights will also lead an to underperforming site.

Outsourcing Experts

To get on top of your website design, outsource to a professional to assist you. At SJC Marketing, we offer the expertise you need to stay relevant. Contact us and learn more about our approach to assisting clients in all aspects of design strategy and implementation.


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