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The Benefits of Press Releases for Your SEO Goals

There are a variety of indirect SEO benefits when press releases include catchy information.

How much traction can a brand get out of a press release? A carefully-crafted press release can garner attention from media outlets, but can a press release do anything for your SEO goals or are these releases really just a relic of the past?

Getting a mention in a big media outlet can provide a boost in search, especially in major publications or networks, but you can also utilize press releases to attract your local and regional media and still see an improvement. It must be noted, though, that a press release should never be utilized just to get your links out there, as Google has already adjusted its algorithm to penalize sites hosting frivolous releases, so this step won’t further your SEO goals.

The reason press releases remain relevant today is that they give brands a chance to inform consumers about big events and serve as a platform for announcing new products and services. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in the middle of a crisis that requires some mediation, press releases can also serve to tamp out the fires.

The Indirect Boost in Attention

When something truly interesting is going on with your organization and you put it out there in a press release, there is a direct benefit in the amount of traffic that will be drawn to your site. Consumers will seek you out to find out more about who you are as a company. You can experience the indirect boost of consumers posting about your organization on social media, thus driving even more traffic your way.

Writing a Press Release

Before you begin composing a press release, make sure what you want to put out there is actually newsworthy. It must be more than just announcing a new hire or a promotion. If you’re hosting an event, offering a brand-new service or breaking the mold with a new product you should put that news out there in a release.

Getting it right can be tricky for those who have not put a lot of time into writing releases, which is why it’s smart to outsource to a professional trained in both the formatting and the type of word choices that grabs the attention of your target audience.

At SJC Marketing, we know how important it is to know everything about your customers, their needs and what appeals to them. For more than a decade we’ve helped companies large and small with their content for everything from blogs to case studies, social media to white papers and press releases. Contact us for more information about our approach to crafting outstanding content.

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