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SEO and User Experience Are Both Key For Your Website

It’s easy to get caught up in SEO best practices and forget to prioritize the user experience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a priority for any business wanting to be found online. You research keywords, make sure your content is being renewed and refreshed, post videos and make sure your meta descriptions are in place.

And yet, even as you implement all the best practices for SEO, you’ve got to remember one really important detail: your site is ultimately for humans, not algorithms.

You want to be found by search engine crawlers, but it’s just as important that once a visitor comes to your site, they have a good experience. Here are three ways to ensure that happens:

Work with a Graphic Designer: A graphic designer can help your web developer hone some elements of your site that have to do with SEO but also user experience. From balancing white space to getting your newest video in front of visitors’ eyes, you can prepare your site for better visitor interactions.

It’s ideal if you can find a graphic designer that will not only help you make changes, but also walk you through the reasons behind their suggestions. This will help you consistently apply their insights across your site for a better user experience.

Identify Pain Points: With Google analytics, and more specifically, heat mapping features within the analytics, you can learn more about why visitors leave your site. Maybe there are menus that aren’t as intuitive as you had hoped or a video explanation that is longer than necessary. Maybe your FAQs aren’t on-target and your visitors get weary of looking for answers to what they want to know.

Use A/B Testing: Even with data, you can misunderstand a lot about the visitors on your site. Before making a big change, consider using A/B testing to send visitors to two different versions of a product page or information resource and see how they respond to each option. You’ll gain valuable insights about visitor preferences and it will keep you from acting too soon on data.

A great website includes all the great SEO elements that help your site get found on a search engine, and you should constantly work on improving your rankings. But it should also be a great site for those that come to visit, one that makes them want to stick around and make a purchase. If you’re not sure how to get started, contact us at SJC Marketing.

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