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The Magic of Perfect Pairings

Let’s talk about some of the classic perfect pairings of our time:

Peanut Butter and Jelly: You’ve got to start with the best. The crunchy, salty taste of peanuts is perfectly complemented by the sweet grape flavor and texture of jelly. Each ingredient brings equal value to the sandwich, and ask anyone how they make it, and you’ll get a unique answer. Do you spread peanut butter on both pieces of bread, then fill in with jelly? Or is it better to put peanut butter on one piece and then jelly on the other?

Don’t get us started with how you cut the sandwich. The question of rectangles or triangles could start a civil war.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Salt and Pepper: One brings out the flavor. The other adds a bit of zing. And together, they provide endless possibilities for table décor. You can’t celebrate a major holiday without a set of pumpkins, bunnies or snowmen. The most important part of this perfect pairing might be providing ample confusion for family members peering into tiny holes to try to identify the right shaker to sprinkle on their food.

It's hard to imagine pepper sitting on the table, all alone, without salt to keep that shaker company.

Chips and Salsa: It’s the meal before the meal at any Mexican restaurant. It may even be the main consideration for choosing a particular restaurant. And throw in a margarita and some queso, and you’ve hit all the main food groups. Or at least you’ll no longer care whether you have.

You didn't really choose that restaurant for the atmophere; you chose it because they serve great chips and salsa.

Perfect pairings go far beyond food, of course. In music, you’ve got Simon and Garfunkel,
Sonny and Cher, Beyonce and Jay-Z. And in sports, there’s Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings.

And then there’s marketing. It’s looking like you and SJC Marketing are about to become one of those perfect pairings, something epic that people will be talking about for a long, long time. Here are a few good reasons why this partnership is about to take off:

You Could Use Some New Ideas: It might be that your marketing strategy, created several years ago, needs an update. Or you may have an in-house marketing team, but you could use a brainstorming session with some new voices.

Whether your strategy has become a bit dated or your team needs a new lifeline, outsourcing is a great way to launch a new campaign.

Need some new ideas for your marketing strategy? Outsourcing is a great solution.

You Understand the Value of Expertise: You’re an expert at what you do, and you know that not everyone has your experience or knowledge. That’s why you recognize that bringing in a marketing team is a valuable investment. You’re an expert, but you don’t happen to be a marketing expert.

You Get a Whole Team, Not Just a Single Specialist: When you hire in-house, you might hire someone particularly skilled at social media management or search engine optimization. They might be good at writing content or they may have a lot of experience planning a strategy. But it is impossible for them to be an expert in every area of marketing. When you partner with a team like SJC Marketing, you get the full range of expertise for a lower cost than you would invest by hiring someone onto your team.

You Get Access to Broad Experience: An in-house marketing specialist will eventually get to know your business. But an outsourced marketing partner will have worked with companies across many industries and situations. They’ll likely have unique insights that come from other experiences with companies that bring value to your situation.

Hire a marketing agency that has broad experience across many industries.

You Get Up-to-Date Knowledge: Marketing trends change quickly and it can be hard to track the best techniques while also running a business. At SJC Marketing, there is a focus placed on keeping pace with trends and understanding what has sticking power and what will turn out to be a fad.

These are all reasons why you should consider outsourcing your marketing, but you may be wondering why you should choose SJC Marketing, in particular. We’re so glad you asked.

Destined to be a Perfect Pair

When you work with SJC Marketing, you’re getting more than marketing services. What makes our approach unique is that we have a passion for helping your brand shine. We’re not just doing work for you; we are sharing the vision you have for where you want to take your company and we’re partnering with you to make it a reality.

We use a strategic, data-focused approach to design a marketing plan and its campaigns, then rigorously test our success against appropriate metrics. You’ll have the distinct feeling that we’re in this together, because we are. We can’t succeed if you don’t.

The next perfect pairing? It’s you and SJC. Contact us to set up an initial consultation. We would love to grab lunch or a cup of coffee and hear where your company is headed and then talk about how we can help you get there.


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