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The Benefits of Videos for Your Business Marketing

Thinking about producing videos for your business marketing? You’re on the right track for attracting new customers.

Today almost 80% of online traffic is video-related. Even text-heavy Twitter posts with video get a 33% boost over text-only posts. It makes perfect sense that videos as a part of your business marketing are also gaining traction as a strategy for improved engagement.

Effective video content tells a story, which is foundational for your marketing as it puts your company culture in front of consumers, proving that there are personalities behind your brand. The most impactful use of these stories isn’t about products or services – it’s about what defines who you are as a company.

If your company is ready to focus more on video marketing, read on.

YouTube Exposure

Ranking higher in search is a goal of most companies and the good news is that Google rewards sites that include video. Did you know 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results? According to Forrester, sites that use video are 53 times more likely to show up on that first page.

And while Google rankings are important, don’t forget about the second most important search engine: YouTube.

With more than two billion active monthly users, YouTube is a valuable resource for video for your business marketing strategies. Many companies have found success using YouTube Stories, a feature that allows them to spur more engagement in their outreach. One of the benefits of using this tool over Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories is that the videos don’t expire after 24 hours –they last an entire week.

Email Campaign Success

While email campaigns are typically low in cost, they also don’t often yield high results. A standard click-through rate for most industries is between two and five percent, but when you include video content, you can get three times that response rate.

For the already-burdened consumer (or B2B target) who simply wants to access information with the least amount of effort, video is a good format. They are also more likely to retain the information presented in a video compared to text-only content.

At SJC Marketing, we understand that not every small- to medium-sized business has the staff on hand to develop impactful videos as a part of their marketing strategy. Partner with us and we can get your brand in front of more eyes, draw more engagement and help you hit your goals. Contact us and learn more about our custom approach to assisting you.

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