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Let’s Talk About Why Videos Are Great for Small Business Marketing

Think video is too expensive for small business marketing? It’s not only cost-effective, but easy to get started.

For several years, video has been gaining traction in small business marketing strategies, but if you’re like 40% of small businesses, you still haven’t tried it.

You may have great reasons: your voice takes on a robot quality when you’re in front of the camera or you turn into Evan Baxter from Bruce Almighty. Maybe you’ve worried that it’s going to cost too much.

But there’s good news because video marketing is achievable for companies of all sizes. And as you’ll see below, your total lack of polish on a video may be just what audiences love.

Video Looks Good on You

Let’s talk about your video marketing. And if you want to know more about which of our team members owns a cat, you might want to talk to our account manager Justin Grubb!

Here are key reasons why you should include video in your small business marketing plan:

It Builds Credibility: It’s pretty hard to fake who you are in a video. Whether you’re a no-nonsense, straightforward type or a camera-loving ham, it will be captured in video. And seeing who you are will build trust between you and potential customers.

It Helps Your SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing set of best practices to help improve your search engine rankings, but one thing stays pretty constant: search engines love video because it improves engagement with people who visit your site.

Videos Get Shared: If you’re trying to gain more traction and brand awareness on social media, producing a funny or particularly helpful video is a good strategy. Your friends and followers may repost it or jump into your comments to join a conversation.

Your Conversions Improve: When it’s time to make a final decision, customers love an informative video. It allows them to see a product or service in relatable settings and they have better context for how it works and how they would use it. And it can give your conversions a bump by as much as 80%.

When you want to start weaving some video into your small business marketing strategy, SJC Marketing can help. We have some creative ideas that will showcase your brand in a way you love. Let’s get started!

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